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Celebrating 15 Years of Chiropractic Education in Brazil

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In 2015 the Chiropractic program at Feevale University celebrated its 15th anniversary. In November as part of the festivities the University held the 6th International Chiropractic Seminar in collaboration with the Brazilian Chiropractic Association (ABQ) and the Latin American Chiropractic Federation (FLAQ).

Over 250 students and chiropractors from all over the country participated in the seminar that celebrated the chiropractic program and the profession. Pioneer chiropractors who graduated from the first Brazilian Second Degree Program at Feevale University in 2000 were also invited to speak during the seminar, giving their testimony of the history of chiropractic profession in Brazil.

During the seminar, the ABQ Assembly took place to elect the new Board that will exercise it’s mandate from 2015 until 2018. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Juliana Piva, who was the President of the Association for the past 8 years, was honored.

These are the names of the new ABQ Board members for 2015/2018.

 Executive Directors

• President: Roberto S. Bleier Filho

• Director of Finances: Thais Bonfim Clemente

• Director of Academic Affairs: Daniel Facchini

• General Secretary: Leticia Gitaci

• Director of Communications: Jorge Arantes

Regional Directors

• Southeast - Luiz Heihati Miyajima Neto and David Porto

• South - Jennifer Pereira and Jordana Borges Martins

• Midwest - Wolney Haas Junior

• North / Northeast - Juliano Fabiano Silva

Audit committee:

• Ronaldo Tamaribuchi

• Denilson Lopes Pinheiro

• Leonardo Guttler

Legislation Committee:

• Juliana Piva

• Evergisto Souto Maior

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